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Services & Solutions

Osorce offer complete turnkey solutions customised to your businesses’ explicit requirements. The unique integration of our Australian and Overseas call centres also makes transition to the deployment of inexpensive offshore resources easy and seamless. For details about our Service Methodology click on the ‘About Osorce’ tab.


Sales Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Osorce Generally with scripted calls, overseas agents are the most cost effective, but if ‘local knowledge’ is a requirement, the best option is probably Australian agents or a blended solution whereby the overseas agents respond to the scripted points and for unscripted matters a call gets escalated to an Australian agent.

Market Research:

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: If a survey is closely scripted Osorce would normally recommend deploying International Agents at a cost of $10-$14 per hour. However if the requirement called for more qualitative research, our Australian agents would probably be more appropriate due to a higher understanding of Australian cultural and/or commercial values.

General Surveys: Typically these surveys are either a precursor to or the follow-up of a B2B or B2C Sales & Marketing campaign. International agents are the most cost effective for basic scripted follow-up calls and Australian agents in circumstances where building rapport through ‘local knowledge’ is critical to getting an outcome.

Onsite Surveys:
Osorce is unique in that we can arrange for properly scrutinised Field Agents to go onsite to facilitate the completion of more complex surveys. In most instances these agents will be responding to appointments made by the Call Centre.


Customer Care and Support

Product Warranty & Support: Osorce inbound call centre agents will efficiently answer your customers enquiries about your Products and Services to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.

International agents are typically the most cost effective for responding to Product Operational and Warranty issues. The only exception to this rule would be with ‘High Ticket’ luxury items, or products requiring Australian ‘local knowledge’, in which case the higher cost of an Australian agent might be necessary in order to meet the ‘Customer Satisfaction’ KPI.

Professional Service Support: In our experience Australian agents are the preferred option for all front line service enquiries in relation to most professional services such as banking, finance, legal and accounting. If the support requirement involves some post call admin for say 5 or more minutes, a blended solution to handover the admin function to an International agent may be the most cost effective option.


As for Outbound Sales Osorce agents are trained to identify opportunities for a sale and in the process look for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in order to increase call returns.

Order Taking

Osorce is ready to take your customers orders accurately, quickly, and conscientiously 24/7.

Onsite Service & Support:

Osorce‘s national network of Field Agents are ready to provide onsite follow-up emanating from any Sales or Marketing inbound service we provide.



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