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About Us

Osorce has Contact Centres in Melbourne (HO), Manila and Mumbai (contracted) and a Field Agent Network of Contractors across Australia to undertake a full range of Sales and Support activities.
We specialise in Business to Business (B2B) and/or Business to Consumer (B2C) Customer Acquisition and Support. Our call centres deliver Inbound & Outbound Marketing & Customer Services, and our Field Agent Network provides Onsite Sales & Support when applicable.


One Company, Three (3) Centres with a Sales & Service Network across Australia.
Osorce has a global integration strategy across all call centres which involves inter-centre competitions, International Employee of the Month Awards and the regular exchange of team leaders between centres. This strategy is one of the keys to the seamless transfer of calls between centres, and along with training, ensures the best return for your business because we match the scope of a particular task with the most cost effective resource. We can also follow up with onsite service for leads and service calls generated by our call centre centre (Refer case study)

Our Service Methodology – Call Centre & Onsite Follow-up

Step 1. Specify Requirements: Document the scope of work including service objectives and draft scripts where relevant.

Step 2. Establish Metrics:
Call Centre – These will include Service Volumes, Average Handle Times (AHT), Customer Satisfaction (Netpromoter) and First Call Resolution (FCR) rating. Read more..
Onsite Service Network – The core KPI’s for delivering onsite follow-up and support for your customers will cover Availability, Reliability, Speed, Effectiveness and Customer Satisfaction.

Step 3. Set-up Project Plan: Osorce will appoint a Project Manager who will prepare a project plan detailing time lines (Gantt chart), tasks and responsibilities of each stakeholder from all parties.

Step 4. Implement /Transition to Service: The OsorceProject Manager in conjunction with stakeholders will roll out the service in accordance with the Project Plan.

Our Human Resources
Osorce specifically hire the best and most qualified staff for our client’s requirements, and where appropriate will contract or re-employ key members of your staff to (a) fast track a seamless transition to Osorce and (b) minimise the difficulty and cost of redundancies.


Our technology

Osorce also utilises state-of-the-art technology and systems.

With telecommunications we deploy VOIP technology utilising high speed internet connections to ensure top quality audio at minimal cost. With respect to Systems we have expertise and development capabilities to integrate transactional data collected by our agents with a comprehensive range of software applications for CRM, Field Management, On-boarding and Accounting.

Our Industry Reach

Osorce services a wide range of industries including Energy Retailers, Telco’s, Wholesale/Distribution, Car Dealers, Finance & Accounting, Insurance, Media, Education and Consumer Retail. These services include Customer Service, Sales (Inbound & Outbound), Technical Support (IT & Various Trades), Marketing (QA & Customer Retention), and Administrative Support (Customer Liaison, Complaints, Debtor Queries, etc.).




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